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Mt Baldy
« on: April 26, 2011, 08:50:34 AM »
Finish off my Easter weekend trip with a good hard hike.
About 1hr15 to the hut following the steeper spur climb. Half way up after the side track north the track gets a bit rougher. Another 15 minutes from the hut to Mt Baldy itself, and the track is quite rough and tricky.  The top was clouded in, so no views.  Some views over the hauraki plains and the western bay of plenty at different times of the trip.
Descent from the summit to Tauhu Track Crossing about one hour. (Jogging where possible)
Then an awesome run down to the carpark, perfect smooth downhill gradient for trail running, 34 minutes for the Tauhu track. (2 hours signposted from the top :-)
Just over 3 hours total. Pushing it!