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Arete in March
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Climbed this as part of a 6 day tramp from Otaki Forks to Mangahao reservoirs.  Originally I intended to spend a few nights up at Arete Biv and climb the other nearby 1500m hills - Logan, Dundas, etc - but although there was gorgeous weather the first couple of days of my trip, by the time I got to Arete the wind was coming in.  Getting from the summit to the hut was on all fours, visibility was about 10m, and the forecast was for it to start getting a bit breezy the next day, so I cut my losses and went down to the valley.

A fantastic place for walking, and I was lucky to be on the tops for at least a couple of stunning days.

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Nice going! Was in wellington on business this week and thought id rather be hiking in the area