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Ridge between Umukarikari and Urchin
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DOC have cut a track along the ridge between Umukarikari and Urchin. When I was last there a month or so ago there was still 600m at the Umukarikari end that had been marked but not yet cut.

This will make it a feasible round day trip taking in both Umukarikari and Urchin.

Care is needed going down the ridge from Umukarikari towards the bush. It is not yet marked and route finding might be an issue in fog.

DOC do intend to mark and signpost this route when the track cutting is finished, which hopefully will be before next summer.

Re: Ridge between Umukarikari and Urchin
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 I presume this track is finished now, I noticed it when I was walking along the Umukarikari range to Waipakihi hut on saturday.  It was signposted near Sharp Cone.

As you say it would make a potential excellent nearly round 1 day trip.  Nearly in that there's a 5 k hike between the two ends, it would be worth doing that first, as I did at the start of my two day hike. 

If the weather's right (it was for me see pics) certainly some stunning views from the Umukarikari range.

I arrived at the hut early and with the great weather decided to hike up to junction top (1605m another potential peak?) on a track  not marked on the map, but clear at least as far as junction top which supposedly continues over the middle range - Te Raketuangiangi also 1605m,  an named 1660 peak, Thunderbolt 1633m and Motutere 1646m before descending to Waipakihi river (I saw the signpost by the river, it certainly wouldn't have been at all obvious without it, near the climb back up Urchin - also not obvious without the signpost!)

I wish I'd have known about this before, though it would definitely be a good weather route as you would be exposed to the elements all day and this would probably make a 2 1/2 day trip though.
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Re: Ridge between Umukarikari and Urchin
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Please be aware that after you leave Junction Top and head south along the Middle Range, you are trespassing on private property - you will need to get a permit from Air Charter Taupo which costs $30 (see ).
DOC have just cut a new track through the bush from Waipakihi hut with sidesteps this problem and gets you up onto the Middle Range (including Peak 1660) without requiring permission. This is an excellent walk along the tops which takes you back to The Urchin track. I was up there two days ago and have placed a geocache. Check it out at - this gives more detailed directions.
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Re: Ridge between Umukarikari and Urchin
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Just to confirm the ridge track is defo open - still very rough - especially descending from the sharp cone side. The path is well marked and the only way to lose the track is to fall off the ridge. I found walking through this Silver Beech wooded section of track to be extremely hard going with the constant up and down scrambling over fallen trees. All that said it was still easier than wading back and forth across the freezing river below. I'll post a full report of my own later on both the Umakarikari & Urchin logs.
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