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Hi Jon

Kohukohunui 2 is the official highest peak and trig at 688m. This should be the bagged peak. That is the one we went to. It also has an unmarked hut just below the summit. Unless you climb the trig to the top there is no views however there is some views from the final appraoch to the summit over the firth of thames and coromandel

We summited from Moumoukai Hill Road which would be the easiest approach. Near the top of this road is a locked gate and a ranger station. On your map this is where Fringe Track starts which is an alternative detour to the road.  You need to walk to the top of Moumoukai hill road then left into plow road which carries on to mine road. Near the end of mine road is kohukohunui track which you follow up to the ridge, turning right at the top and not far on to the summit. 5.5 hours return for us with the nippers.  The road is a long rough slog but not too steep. The track is pretty well formed until nearer the top where it gets a little rough

Last Weekend we attempted to summit again from upper mangatawhari dam via lilburne road, ernies track and upper mangatangi ridge track.  We failed as we took a wrong turn with no map (silly) and ended up follwing ernies track too far for 6 hours in the bush. It isnt tourist signposted!!  Based on what I know now I would suspect it would be a good 7 hour plus route as the track is pretty rough and the vertical climb is further than the first route. the tracks in this area seem to be some of the roughest in the hunuas. It is very remote and weather can get nasty.

The other popular route is from sea level at Waharau Regional Park on the firth of thames up Waharau ridge track to kohukohunui track and around to adams lookout before following on to the summit. My guess is this would be a good 8 hours return though maybe quicker.  This is on the to do list. There is a short cut track Mangatangi Ridge Track, however it has a reputation of being very rough and almost 'should be closed'

1st Picture summit trig
2nd picture view from just below summit
3rd picture is kohukohunui (horizon) from Clevedon scenic reserve peak 220m asl
4th picture visibility that may help explain why we got a bit lost on our attempt from the south side!
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The round trip from waharau regional park using the Matangi ridge track is a good 8 hours for the fit. The Matangi ridge track is a tramping track but easily passable. Like all NZ tracks go prepared.

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This was our first time. But now I have done it 4 times ;D.!!!!!!!!!