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Mt Robert - January 2011
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What a beautiful lake! OmaGosh and I stopped by here to take some photos and only intended to drive up to the lookout to check out the views and bag the geocache up there. However once up there, the cloud cleared and Mt Robert looked so close that I just had to do it. OmaGosh really didn't want to (he was saving his strength for Stokes tomorrow), so I am ashamed to say that I left him in the car alone whilst I ran up on my own. Talk about a peak bagging junky - it's almost as bad as the parents you hear about in the news who leave their kids in the car whilst they go off to the casino for the night!
Bearing in mind the circumstances, I didn't want to mess around, so instead of doing the loop I just went straight up the direct route and back the same way. No problems finding the track - the Pinchgut track was clearly signposted from the top carpark. Took me 30 minutes up and just under 20 minutes down. A very nice track with a nice consistant gradient and great views all the way up. Fantastic views from the top too, made even nicer by a couple of lovely young geologists up there who took my summit photo for me.
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