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You also want to add Otanewainuku (2791911 6361557) and Whakapounakau (2807973 6339878) as definite possibilities to the list.

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I loved Otanewainuku as a walk - amazing views from top. When it goes live i'll add some great pics from the top.

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Hiya, and welcome to you both...

Looks like I've got some research to do....  whereabouts are those two?    Tell us what you know about them so far and I'll start working up their pages....

NB I've split the comments about Otanewainuku into a  new thread - click here to read it

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What can you tell us about Whakapunake pmcke?  Have you been up it? 

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The track up Whakapounakau starts from the Outdoor Education Centre at Lake Okataina. The first part of the route follows the Western Okataina Walkway until you get to the top of the hill. The track to Whakapounakau turns off to the right and goes to the top which has and open clearing and a radio mast onthe top.

There are great views to the north and east from here looking over Lake Rotoiti to the sea and White Island in the distance.

Those numbers I have in my first post are the NZMG grid reference for both peaks.

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Whakapoungakau certainly looks crash bang in the middle of some great landscape.  This is on my to do list especially given the carrot of good views at the top. At 758m asl its not a bad lump of mud to exercise the legs on either id suspect