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Mt Isobel
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Now to do Mt Isobel properly I reckon you have to leave from Hanmer, not from half-way up the mountain via the pass!  We walked from town through a couple of tracks, up to the waterfall, which turned out to be a thigh-buster for us novices.  It took four go's at this one for us to get the confidence and weather right to push on all the way to the top.  The section above the waterfall is stunning, though probably a bit tricky in rough weather.  We got up to the saddle one day then chickened out as the wind was blowing us over, but the day we "bagged" it we had three 9-10 year olds with us and boy they enjoyed it.  The cloud closed in as we decended, which made the gravel scree sections pretty tricky, and a bit of a mystery sometimes looking for the next marker pole.  Heading down we went down to the standard Jacks Pass starting point, then down through the forestry area and over Conical Hill.  This made it 5 hours 40 minutes in total, just the right length to qualify the kids for the waterslides at Hanmer!