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Mt Ngongotaha
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What about Mt Ngongotaha near Rotorua. There is a road to the top but the gate usually remains firmly locked. The Ngongotaha Bush Restoration Trust in conjunction with Forest and Bird have established access to the historic Jubilee Track which goes up from a new carpark at 40 Paradise Valley Rd.

It takes about an hour and a half to get to the top and is a worthwhile trip through magnificent forest. The Trust is developing a loop track on the lower slopes of the mountain as well for those who do not wish to go all the way to the top.

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We did Ngongotaha the other day, and they have finally signposted the new carpark and it is a lovely walk. Recomended :)

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Oh sweet, yes we tried to suss out Ngongotaha once but there was no signs and looked really overgrown, so we weren't sure. 

Sounds like it's been sorted now though.  (or maybe we were just in the wrong spot...)

Another one to add to get on the site  (To add, and bag that is).

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Here's the new carpark. has only been there about a month. A finger sign has just gone up in the last week or so saying "Walking tracks"

The track begins in the far corner of this photo and goes up past a new toilet block. There is also a viewing platform being built at the foot of the only Northern Rata remaining on the Mountain, but this is being done by volunteer labour so progress is slow.

The track goes to the top of the mountain but 3.5km loop track is also in the process of being cleared at the moment and it will be professionally benched once we raise enough money to complete the job.

There are also plans for a low level track around the lower slopes of the mountain plus a track to open up the western part of the reserve which is currently inaccessable.

As well as that an extensive pest control program is underway to control opposums and rats so that we can improve the quality of the bush that is there.

This is all being managed bu the Ngongotaha Bush Restoration Trust

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Thanks!  All good info.  On looking at the pic I think we must have been in the wrong spot to start with, so it's good to know there's a way up!

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It is  40 Paradise Valley Rd. There used to be a rapid number there but it hasn't been put back after the construction of the carpark. In other words it is 400m up Paradise valley rd from the junction of Clayton Rd and Pukehangi Rd.