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Manganui Bluff
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After a quick detour to check out Kai-iwi Lakes (not very nice - all of the pines have been cut down and the campgrounds are all closed - the place looks totally decimated) we continued out to here. The track for this walk sidles around much further than the track on the topo map suggests, which had me wondering for a while whether we had missed a turnoff somewhere. However it eventually starting going up. OmaGosh even found a Kauri snail shell lying beside the side of the track - very cool!
The traverse around is fairly open, and as it was a hot day, the bush we entered shortly after turning uphill was most welcome. We met two black labradors half way up who didn’t have any owner with them. They ended up following us up and bagging the summit too. Having a black lab himself, these two were perfect company for OmaGosh and were a good distraction for him on the way up.
About 2/3rds of the way up, you break out of the shady bush and pop out onto farmland for a while. The road shown on the map is but a farm track - don’t try to cheat and drive up here!
Although there's no trig, the views from the summit stretch in both directions up and down the coast a long way. When we got back down to the bottom, Jessie & Bruce’s owner was about to set off in search for them - they’d run off the previous afternoon, no doubt in search of the pigs that we saw obvious signs of on the way up.
The track was good, dry and not steep anywhere as we had expected; with nice views for much of the way.
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