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Ideal Time Of Year
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Date - Last weekend (3/10/2010) with the family.
Track Condition - Pretty good though it looks like it can get real boggy and slippery in places after a few days rain
Started - SH16 and finished Kaipara Hills Rd
Time Taken - Easy amble took 1.5hrs to the top and about 2hrs across to Kaipara Hills Rd exit.

As you can see we took the two car option so we could do the walk-through (2 out of the 4 of us hate going back on ourselves). Leaving the first car at Kaipara Hills Rd car park meant we were trying to find the entrance of SH16. Vinodrinker was spot on about the difficulties of using this entrance to the walk. SH16 is narrow, winding and FAST. It is not a road to be dawdling around on trying to spot unsigned turnings with no parking, reversing, u-turns, etc. Despite info saying there is parking off SH16 ... THERE ISN'T. I dropped the family at the gate and found a sizable verge up the road to abandon the car.

The climb isn't too onerous from the SH16 side and while sometimes there is a bit of a gradient, there are no exposed drops to worry the little 'uns. However I was glad we were ascending as coming down would have been a bit trickier. When you are in the forrest it is really quite pleasent and charming. The viewing platform is having a proportion of it's views blocked by regenerating vegetation (curse it - cut it down - oh ok let it be then). Didn't see a single person on the section from SH16 to the summit. However the other way was pretty busy. Forrest was even nicer on the section down to Kaipara Hills Rd but be warned - we found the final kilometre a bit of a slog to get up to the level of the car park. Isn't it funny how psychology plays such a role when tramping? We thought e were done so e found the final need to climb some more pretty dispiriting.
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Re: Ideal Time Of Year
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The Missus & the Nikau & a bit of Sun

plus the obligitory view from the top
Fortune Favours The Brave or The Unlucky Learn To Be Cautious?