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Mt Arthur
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2009 winter trip with my brother Paddy and partner Christine.

Was Christine's first trip up a mountain and before we even reached Flora carpark it was obvious we had underestimated the challenges.

While the mountains in Marlborough were relatively free of snow Mt Arthur had obviously taken the full force of a southerly earlier in the week and even at 900m the carpark was packed with snow.

Luckily the track up to the Mt Arthur hut wasn't icey and we were able to complete the hour walk in the dark on Friday night.

Saturday dawned fine and we were soon cruising along the ridge toward Mt Arthur. Originally we had planned to clim Arthur then double back and cut across to Gordon's Pyramaid and down to the Tablelands before returning by the low route on Sunday.

However, it was quickly obvious that crossing the basin below Arthur would be a tricky task with deep snow evident. Instead we decided to head for the top then re-trace are steps to the hut for a second night.

Traversed below Winter Peak where we left our packs. A scramble up a steep snow slope proved the only difficulty before getting on the summit ridge.

Enjoyed lunch on the summit but a slight southerly kicked up and we decided to be on our way.

The early exit proved fortuitous as within an hour low cloud, wind and snow flurries hit the ridge and we made a cold retreat to the hut.