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« on: July 28, 2010, 05:33:35 AM »
Great day trip to stretch the legs.

Was a little concerned by all the boardwalk at the start but things quickly got a bit more rugged along the Ruapane track.

After the Ruapane lookout the track took on a great back country feel, though all the chains are probably a bit over the top. Enjoyed a quick scramble up Tirohanga where the view proved to be better than on the actual peak.

Reached Pirongia in two hours but only stayed for 10 minutes as views were limited due to low cloud over the Waikato and approaching rain from the east.

The trip down the Mangakara track lived up to it's rugged billing and missing filling up my water bottle at the stream made things less enjoyable.

However, after an hour of slogging up and down the rocky knolls Mahaukura (899m) was reached and after a further half hour the track slowly flattened out giving a smooth trip back to the carpark, the round trip completed in four and a half hours of brisk walking.