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Climbed from the Hopeless Creek side in January 2010 with my brother Paddy.

Had planned a trip that would also take in Mt Travers, Hopeless and Cupola but were greated by damp and overcast conditions at the Mt Robert carpark.

Weather only got worse as we proceeded up the Travers Valley and we completed the last couple of hours up to John Tait hut in heavy rain.

Holed up in the hut while the rain continued.

The next morning greated us with low cloud covering all the tops and fresh snowfall to low down on the eastern ranges.

Decided to head for Hopeless Hut in the hope the weather would lift. Reached the hut by midmorning but remained hemmed in by low cloud and passing showers the rest of the day.

Were finally greeted by clear skies on our third day and pushed up to head of Hopeless Creek and climbed the headwalls to a picturesque tarn. Continued on to Sunset Saddle over fresh snow. Dumped our packs in the saddle and scrambled to Angelus peak in intermitent snow flurries.

Headed quickly down to the saddle and over to Lake Angelus for lunch before continuing along the Robert Ridge in clearing weather.

Not the trip we'd planned but still a great break.
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Just snagged some pictures of the trip off my brother and uploaded to the original post.

The first is heading down from Sunset Saddle.

The second is on the summit dodgy snow flurries.

Third is looking out over Lake Angelus from near the summit.

Lastly Angelus from the tarns at the head of Hopeless Creek.