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From a non-athlete
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 I've done the Belmont Trig three times in the past month or so, always from the Cornish Street entrance. As others have said, you can easily walk to this entrance from the railway station. If you want to take the car and don't like the look of the parking then there is also the option of driving up Kokokoro road and parking near the entrance to Rahui Grove. There is a twisty little track that runs down to the Cornish Street entrance from the bottom of Rahui Grove.

 The walk along Korokoro stream is very pleasant and popular so watch out for bikers and runners on some of the blind bends. It also features some sharp drop-offs which deserve some respect. Once you take the left up to towards Baked Beans Bend the fun begins with some stream crossings, including a rather wonky log bridge which you should think twice about using if it is damp! Baked Beans Bend has a little clearing and a bench where you can stop to gather yourself for the steep stuff to come.

 Shortly after BBB you will have the option of continuing up through a gate or taking a left and going via the bridal path. The bridal path route offers some more flat-ish walking before you take a right (unmarked) up a very steep and unkempt track which takes you to the trig. This route offers some slightly cleaner views than the track through the gate, but the track itself is a little less interesting perhaps as it doesn't offer the wooded sections of the other.

 Whichever route you take be prepared for some very steep sections that will challenge any casual tramper. Some people may run up but mortals will need to take a few breathers! Also, if it is damp there are several areas of both tracks that may be extremely slippery due to their clay base and they are also badly grooved in places from water erosion or the passage of mountain bikers. Also be aware that as you approach the top the track becomes quite exposed so if it's a windy day you'll need both wind-proof clothes and a bit of care you don't get blown off.

 Looping back to the Cornish Street entrance can be achieved by simply going down the other route to BBB or you can follow the farm track back down towards Stratton Street and then take the right off that which brings you back down along a generally very quiet track (but steep with many steps, so hard on the knees) that will bring you to the Korokoro Dam (another nice spot for a break) and then back down along the stream.

 I've attached a shrunk panorama so you can somewhat see what you get at the top.
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