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Mt Ngauruhoe
« on: April 13, 2010, 05:08:31 PM »
Boy what a day, (11/4/10) it was brilliant. Left the car park at about 7.30 and arrived at the outer rim steam vent about 11.30, followed the outer rim around until it petered out then went up to the inner crater wall.
What a view, the day was clear and sunny; it was breath taking. I wish I'd had a bigger memory card in my camera, I didn't want to come down. I'd put it up there with the Milford track for my all time favourite walks.
Sure the climb up was tough but not to bad, I had a wonderful day, enjoying every minute of it.

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Well done Pete! I must have just missed you. I left the carpark at 8:15 the same morning and took my kids and my mother over The Crossing. Yeah, an absolutely primo day.
Hope you didn't get caught up in any rockfall up there. We were watching a line of people going up there when we got to the top of The Devils Staircase (or Pussies Staircase as I call it now since it's been changed) and could hear a rock falling all the way down with shouts from everyone as it passed on the way down. Rockfall is a real danger going up here when there are people above you (I've been hit here myself). My advice to anyone going up here is not to follow anyone else higher above you - go off to the side a little to keep clear of any potential rockfall from above.
'There is always a risk in being alive, and if you are more alive, there is more risk' -Ibsen

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Yip agree with Guano. Ive had a few rocks fly past me and have to admit to causing a few to tumble too!  Didn't a guy get choppered off last year after being hit??

Mt N is a climb that can be hard if you take the wrong line, but not too bad if you keep left and take advantage of the solid ridge on the left

of course coming down go for the scree - the deep sandy loams and its only 15 mins to the bottom!!

See a bit of snow fall since i was up there last a month ago