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First new Bag of 2009 - Mt Ngarauhoe
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Set off 615am as misty cloud burnt off revealing a great day which was a big relief. I was a bit worried after cloud had hung around the previous day.  By the time the south crater was reached I had passed 6 or7 other parties making me feel like the fittest man in the world.  The scree slope would destroy that deception.

Heading up I followed the only other couple on the mountain attacking a scree path just to the right of the rocky outcrop that is noticeable.  Many people attack this area in order to gain a steady footing though when it runs out the large scoria that takes over is problematic according to a guy I compared notes with.  The couple I was following gave up and descended leaving me to find my own way up.  Avoid the white section as it is a bitch.  Anyway check out my route below - up (green) below and down (red).  It took 2 hours and was as fun as it looked - energy sapping and slow progress  I arrived at the crater rim first just before a pile of others that had gained some time on me on the climb.

Views were fantastic.  Most people showed no interest in ascending the true summit much to my surprise.  The summit exists on the south side of the outer rim (Mt N basically has to the most part an outer rim and an inner crater rim.)

Make sure you go the extra. Although it looks just what you donít need after the climb up, it is easier than it looks to drop down into the breach and climb the outer rim following it around to the summit.  Slide past the steaming section and listen to water boiling under you. Great views south too and a time to rest and relax if the weather allows you that luxury.

The trip down is surprisingly easy taking half an hour at a gentle pace.  There are some great bits of crystal sulphur in a small section of scree on the way down, really pretty.

Next we headed to Red crater summit and Mt Tongariro summit returning via the prescribed track for a 10 hour trip

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Re: First new Bag of 2009 - Mt Ngarauhoe
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wow, this looks great Vino!  we were there earlier on january but the weather wasn't so great, so we had to make do with Tongariro.  Impressed that you did both in the same day, you're a machine

Re: First new Bag of 2009 - Mt Ngarauhoe
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The scree slope looks a lot easier when you take photos going up it... Not quite so steep! ;D

From the bottom it looks like its really steep...but I'm just a chicken  ::)

Re: First new Bag of 2009 - Mt Ngarauhoe
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Oh I forgot to say well done!  I bet it felt good to get to the top  :)

Re: First new Bag of 2009 - Mt Ngarauhoe
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Felt good toddling around the summit rim, a cruisey finish to a good workout, great weather, still early, not pushed for time.....all good

For me the scree slope going up was real hard work. in places it seemed so steep that if i sat down i felt like id just slide down. in some places although my legs were screaming i just couldnt find a place to sit for a breather. it seems to slowly get steeper and steeper.  So yes it is quite possible to get up but it is pretty steep in places and it is tough work for the not so fit.  Poles are a must really to make any comfort of it. I think the steepest part on Mt N is probably steeper than the steepest scree section on Mt Taranaki (though rose coloured glasses 10 months later)

Here is a couple of gradient shots i got. the last half is definitely tougher than the first half
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Re: First new Bag of 2009 - Mt Ngarauhoe
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Nothing like turning up at Ketitahi hut & comparing stories of the days activities.
The looks on peoples faces when you tell them you started the day climbing Ruapehu (not using the chairlift), followed by Ngarahoe & Tongariro.  Priceless.

Re: First new Bag of 2009 - Mt Ngarauhoe
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Where did you climb Ruapehu to? Have you been to Tahurangi summit??  Would love some detail if you have.

I saw a youtubevideo of a couple of guys that traversed Ketithhi-tongariro-ngarauhoe-and ruapehu (tahurangi) down to turoa in a 18 hour "day". crazy. they ski the down sections though so that speeds things up i guess

Re: First new Bag of 2009 - Mt Ngarauhoe
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I've climbed Ruapehu from Whakapapa, Turoa in summer, winter & mid season and most of the way (weather, twice) from the dessert road.  I've been around alot of the crater areas at various times & camped but I haven't been to the absolute highest point, always trouble convincing others in the party or weather or time or on one ocasion the crater lake was empty & stem & stentch was blowing that way.  Looks fairly precipitous from the dome side of the crater & steep from Turoa side.  I'll probably drag my kids up there when they're older.
During some winter climbs I have slid down both Ngarahoe & Ruapehu on my behind.
I have skiied a little on Ngarahoe but it was a mate who actually carried them all the way to the top.  There is no way I'd carry them. 

Re: First new Bag of 2009 - Mt Ngauruhoe
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Summitted this again last week, this time ascending further to the left than last time which was a hell of a lot easier.  Get on to the soldid looking rocky ridge and make your way up.  Don't get drawn into the scree tracks which are mostly routes down!!
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