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Mt Tongariro Summit Ex Mangatepopo Road
« on: June 05, 2008, 03:16:20 PM »
Man this was a fun walk (the only disappointment was not doing Ngarauhoe but there will be next time)

We did this as a day trip ex auckland leaving midnight, arriving 5am and setting off by 5:15.  We had reached the summit in perfect still clear weather by 9:00am being the first of hundreds to trek up that day. 

The track is good and although there are a few steep sections it is almost like a motorway.  Views are stunning and it is very 'other worldly'.  I lost the argument over where to go after the summit and we went to see the pretty blue and emerald lakes, red crater while the imposing Ngarauhoe taunted and teased me. After 9 hours of exploration we made it back to the carpark and drove back to Auckland with a stop at taupo for dinner and some wine shopping hehe.  Didnt get home till 10pm

I will definitely go back this summer. I will eat up that Mt N!!!

It is  track to be prepared for.  You are very remote and there is no shelter from the elements.  There are some idiots with little respect up there as well. Jeans, hand bags, you name it.  Take plenty of back up clothing and supplies!!  Pick your weather with precision and enjoy!!

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Re: Mt Tongariro Summit Ex Mangatepopo Road
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Cool pics - when did you do it?

I did Ngauruhoe last year as a day trip in itself and Tongaririo crossing earlier this year (minus Tongaririo summit - due to being in a slow group of mates)

I agree with you about the HANDBAGS!!! Saw a fine example myself up there! We lost her and mentioned later in the day that she either steamed ahead of us or must have turned back  ???

Interestingly... this summer the "Tongariro Crossing" was rebranded the "Tongaririo Alpine Crossing". Basically to make people consciously and subconciously realise that they are in a changeable apline envrionment and thus must be prepared as such!!!

Re: Mt Tongariro Summit Ex Mangatepopo Road
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Hi Snowchick

We did the walk April 2008, just a few days before the canyoning tragedy down there.  We had actually planned to do Mt Karioi that weekend, but changed at the last minute as the weather forecast was picture perfect and it was too good to resist.

Crazy trip, but was awesome

Re: Mt Tongariro Summit Ex Mangatepopo Road
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The best way to do this trip is to leave at about 1am on a fine full moonlight night. Climb Ngauruhoe for sunrise and then scoot across to Tongariro for brunch. Ngauruhoe is a real drag to climb in the daytime so night is good. Finally leave the track at this point and return to the carpark by going directly down the ridge from the summit of Tongariro.

Then go and sleep for the rest of the weekend.

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Yeah i saw that ridge down and thought it must be possible as a direct route down.

we did 9 hours hike around the area after leaving auckland at midnight. we drove all the way back afterwards too so was a crazy day

next time we will do Mt N as well as mt T. its a great part of the world up there!

Re: Mt Tongariro Summit Ex Mangatepopo Road
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It was a crazy and long day vinodrinker .. I agree with pmcke better to do Ngauruhoe in the dark so you don't see where youre walking .. from my recollections of when I last did it it was two steps up 1.5 back down again  :)

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Wow what gorgeous photos - I'm hanging out to do that one now. My folks recently went up from Ketatahi side when all the roads were closed due to snow - they sneaked in over the Rotoaira Rd, and said they were the ONLY footsteps (and car tracks) in the snow and that it was stunningly beautiful. Got above bushline but too much snow to get to hut. I was jealous! :-\