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Mt Ruapehu
« on: April 05, 2010, 10:02:08 AM »
Ya! Bagged it at last. Went up on Good Friday 2nd April 2010 and the weather was completely opposite to the last time. It was clear and fine and not a breath of wind. Six hours all up with lunch and a bit of a wander around. Great day out, most enjoyable.

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Wow nice pix, weird milky coloured lake!

It is a treat when the weather is good to you.  We were there about a month ago and chose to do Ngauruhoe instead of Ruapehu.  It proved the correct decision that day as cloud rolled in at about 10am, just after we moved off the summit of Mt N.  If we had done Ruapehu instead we would have been in no visibility before we hit the top.

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Good on ya Pete!
Going by your last photo, it looks like you approached the shelter from below? (along the plateau). A tip for next time, or for others - unless there's a dangerously strong wind blowing, it's better and easier to turn right and up along the exposed ridge towards the shelter instead of dropping down when you get your first look at plateau below.
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Hi GuanoGerbil,
I did go up the right side of Restful ridge and then over Dome ridge the the hut, after lunch I went down to crater lake and around the corner to the plateau just to see how different it was without the snow.
Last time (1/2/10) the wind was gusting to 100kms and we stayed behind the ridge and went across the plateau, it was covered in snow then.
I hope to go up this winter to see it in an entirerly different state.