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An accessible peak in the Kaimanawas, less than 30 mins drive from the dead town of Turangi. I can see this as a stunning there and back winters hike. A bit of snow, the mountains under the white stuff...all good.

First thing I noted is the road to urchin is pretty rough. not extreme but a 4wd or 4wd style vehicle will be a great option. leave your Ferrari Enzo, lowered Jap import or shoppiung basket at home.

Second thing is I will add my opinion on the Umukarikari-Urchin loop circuit.  I reckon do them as seperate trips unless you have a cunning pick up/ drop off option or something.  The road section between the two track starting points is long, windy and i would suggest it would drive you mad.  it doesn't look pleasant travel. Looks further than 5km to me too

The actual track to urchin summit is very well maintained.  We actually saw some DOC guys doing up the lower track.  The upper track is very well formed, even and a joy to travel on.  Occassionally there are bits of nasty bush lawyer hanging out on to the track trying to grab you but you can easily avoid its clutches if you keep your eye out.

This was the 4th days hiking for us in a row so we took this relatively short climb as a relaxed pace.  It took us about an hour before we first saw urchin summit through the bush and another 30 minutes to reach the summit. The last 5 minutes is on open tops to the trig.  Some great views but it would be even better on a 100% clear day where the mountains would be right in your face.
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