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Fanthams Peak
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Bagged on a super day, stayed the night at Symes.  The weather gave us an extremely rare two completely clear days on the mountain.  People that know that place will know how seldom that occurs!!

The track starts at the visitors centre with about an hours hike through the bush climbing steadily passing a memorial to sir ed and the hooker shelter.

breaking out into scrubland the climb enters a long long series of stairs. As you hit the tussock slopes another big long staircase sees you to the bottom of the scree.

We kept to the right where the ground was a bit firmer.  The slope gets steeper and is in a similar vein to the taranaki climb before easing a bit right near the top.  a well poled rote sees you across to symes hut. Fanthams peak itself is a small climb up the western of the 3 outcrops that edge the cone. The footprint of the old symes hut can be seen on the way to the very top.

Took us 3.5 hours up with big packs

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