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Mangaweka AND Hikurangi ;-)
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Hee hee Vino - you make it sound like we were in a hurry or something  ;D

Yeah the start of this walk isn’t terribly inspiring. A walk across some paddocks, a fun little stream crossing (if you’re determined to keep your feet dry) and then immediately followed by Vinos aptly named ‘welcome mat’. This section wouldn’t be so bad if it was in the bush, but grovelling up very steep paddock is really demoralising. Fortunately we’d left the carpark at 7:30am and so tackled this in the cool of the morning. Vino commented on how this section would be hell going up in the afternoon sun, and this is exactly where we found 3 poor buggers clawing their way up with heavy packs on as we came back down later in the day.

The ‘welcome mat’ then enters the infinitely nicer bushline, and it’s a very good and gentler track from here up to Purity. A really cosy, tidy little hut with room for 6, and it’s one of the few that doesn’t stink of coal as you walk in. And there’s a bonus geocache here.  :)

Vino’s comments on route finding are spot on. Once you leave Wooden Peg, and especially after Iron Peg, there is very little to follow in the way of any track. Ensure you take a map and compass with you as it is not obvious which way to go in places, and should the cloud roll in you could easily become quite lost.

Mangaweka itself is just a rounded hump, and I had to double check that we were actually at the right place - it actually looked higher further along the ridge. Without the confirmation from a GPS, the remains of the trig would be the only indication that you were at the right summit!

It had taken us a leisurely 3 hours to get here and it was now only 10:30am. Seemed a bit of a shame to head back so soon; so even though the cloud was now starting to roll in, we continued on to Hikurangi. With a name like that it had to be done really. It took about another hour each way, but at least this felt more like a real peak.

It was horribly hot and steep descending back down ‘the welcome mat’ and the stream at the bottom was beginning to sound quite enticing. I jumped over and got my camera ready to take a nice photo of Vino going across, only to click it at the moment he spontaneously decided to cool off.  ;D

A 7.5 hour return trip all up, including the “add on” of Hikurangi, and a nice first introduction for both of us to the Ruahines.
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