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Manuoha to Waikareiti track
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With one fine day forecast on the Sunday after a lot of recent rain, a scenic trip to Waikaremoana was in order. Due to my recent idleness I decided to stretch the legs a little and make the drive down there worthwhile by continuing on from Manuoha to Lake Waikareiti and finishing back at the road at Aniwaniwa. The logistics of getting back to the car presented several options. I could either take my mountain bike and ride back, try my luck hitching, organise a boat shuttle across the lake, or organise a car drop off / pickup...

Hmm... 18km of metal road sounded a fair haul on a bike after a long day, especially since I couldnít remember how hilly it was. I hitched a ride last time I did The Great Walk no problem - but that was a long weekend, so plenty of rides. The boat shuttle idea appealed, but after enquiring, the start time required was too early, and with no cell phone coverage out there, it would be chancy trying to get back at the right time for the pick up. I got hold of a local car shuttle service (ph 06-8373741) who were great. After camping at Rosieís Bay (recommended - the nicest place to stay, and free) I left my car at the Visitors Centre (safest place to leave it, and right there waiting for me at the end). I met my driver there at 7am and was dropped off at the recommended start point half an hour later.

The first 30 or 40 minutes was steep, scrubby, windfallen and sodden after all the rain. Was beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea. However after that youíre then up on the ridgeline proper and the track opens up and levels off beautifully. Lovely ancient beech forest remiscent of the Kaimanawas, only much mossier. Up near the summit, you enter Ďthe goblin forestí before then rising above the treeline just as you approach the trig (a beautiful sight these trigs - Iím getting quite fond of them!). Good 360 degree views, although the distant horizon was obscured for me at that point (the rain came later).

Manuoha hut is just a couple of minutes walk further on and a nice stop off / stay over where you can refill your water bottle. The DOC sign at the start listed the time up to here as 7 hours, but it only took me a leisurely 2.5 (honestly, how do they come up with these times?!).

From here it was another 3.5 hours to Sandy Bay hut. This was a long monotonous slog, but with a nice lagoon on the way. Sandy Bay hut was also surprisingly deserted - a lovely spot indeed! After another stop here it was another 2.5 hours out to the road. Although this is normally done as a 3 day walk, it took me just over 9 hours all up including stops.

Not a bad stroll, and the track was pretty straight forward all the way. The Great Walk is much nicer though - do this one if you havenít already.
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