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Rangitoto Bags
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This is a great family day out. We have been up three times in three years now.

The first time we went up was my boy's fifth birthday and my daughter was only three and a half. We did cheat because we used the land-train. That's a fancy name for being dragged behind a tractor swallowing volcano dust for over an hour. In hindsight it wasn't cheating at all for a few reasons.
1.) That tractor trailer was not nice.
2.) You miss the lava caves.
3.) You have to ascend/descend the final steep bit up flight after flight of benched steps (I have dodgy "bench" knees - which really affect me here)
4.) You haven't long at the top before you have to get back to the train.

So later that year we did it the best way. Ferry, tramp, summit, lava cave, kidney fern glen and a paddle waiting for the boat back. The track is much less dusty than the road and it was a great day out, despite our then 4 year old daughter managing to fall full length across the pointy rocks before jumping up and claiming (unconvincingly) "I'm alright ... I'm alright"

Finally last easter we anchored the yacht in Islington Bay and tramped up that way. Not a bad day but we managed to to get all confused with mooring tenders and the walk was along the dusty road. It was also a classic example of walking with kids when they aren't in the right head-space.

All the tramps were beautiful clear days though, which meant that by lunch time the black lava is blisteringly hot. Highly reccomended walk though.
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