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Mt Hobson
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I had no idea about the other name for this. Hirakimata, eh? Anyone know what that means or the origins?

Well I bagged this one with the missus during a week long stay on the Island with the visiting in-laws, about 2 years ago (High Summer). Just trying to remember the walk, I recall we started from the main road between the two wharfs on the island. The was something called "Windy Gully" which is very spectacular to walk through.

The tramp got a bit monotonous at other times with a lot of ups and downs along the way before the main ascent. The views are mostly obscured by the vegetation (a curse of northern lattitudes) but there are some areas with breathtaking lookouts.

We both felt pretty tired by the end of the walk which is surprising for a modest climb. Again my knees struggled with benched steps on the descent.
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