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Ben Ohau
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Yay - first to log!

With wind gusts forecast at 130km, I was a little unsure about climbing any summits today. However the weather was otherwise so clear and sunny that it would be worth at least having a look...

Was very windy at the bottom, and OmaGosh was a bit concerned about how safe it would be at the summit. We met a hunter however who had just come down and he assured us that when he was up there, it wasnít much worse than down here.

Was a hot dry track, and I was actually grateful for the wind to keep it cooler. The route monotonously winds itís way up a 4-wheel drive track and itís a bit depressing to see just how far youíve still got to go. We got bored after a while, and decided to take a short cut directly up a line of rocks to skip out one of the major switchbacks. I donít think it saved us any time, but it was a welcome, and fun change in terrain. We came across a very nice shady lunch spot amongst a group of trees on the way - one of the rare bits of shade available up here.

After reaching the obvious saddle, we turned right and followed the fenceline up to the top which wasnít far away. This is where the temperature dropped and the wind suddenly picked up - I would estimate it to have been around 90km/hr. OmaGosh got his first taste of real alpine wind - it wasnít strong enough to be dangerous, but certainly strong enough to make standing up difficult and therefore a lot of fun! All very safe terrain with a broad summit had us seeing how just far we could lean into the wind without falling over.

The 360 degree views were spectacular and well worth the plod up. A round trip of around 4.5 hours.
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