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When we got there we didn't realise it was muddy so when dad saw the mud he put his tramping boots on instead of his trail shoes. The first bit was gorse and blackberry. We had to get around the prickles which was hard because they were almost everywhere :( .

When we past that part it got really muddy. We had to find a way to get around the mud because if you put your shoe in the mud puddle your whole boot would get muddy and wet. The good thing was was that not all puddles were deep, it was mud but it didn't sink.

When we got to 400 more metres vertical up it got windy and cold so we stopped and put our new rainjackets. The rainjackets were warm. When we got to the top we could see Mt Taranaki. Sometimes the clouds would cover Mt Taranaki but when it didn't we quickly took a picture of it.

Then when we were at the bottom we got into a new t-shirt and drove to get an ice cream. We got an ice cream that was 1 scoop but it looked like a 2 scoop ice cream because it was big. Then we went to a beach and we parked on the road and we ate the ice cream next to the car. We got 2 different flavours with 1 scoop. It was a good mountain to climb. Luckily we went that day because we could get really good pictures of Mt Taranaki at the top.

Below is a picture i took looking down on New Plymouth from the top. Kiri peak is the hill in the foreground.
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Good Effort Claire Bear + Ash bash.  That was one tough tramp even for an adult. You did so well  ;D