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Crater Lake
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I climbed Mt Ruapehu on the 2nd of Jan 2010 with D.O.C's guided tour as part of their summer programme.
They very nearly cancelled it because of gale force winds predicted around 2000m but 31 people had booked and all turned up, so it was decided to go ahead and see what it was like as we got closer to the summit. As we neared the top our guide decided to press on but in stead of climbing along Dome Ridge we went to the left and around behind the ridge to shelter from the 90-100km winds. There's wasn't much shelter there because a few of the lighter and older people were blown over a few times, the snow hit your legs so hard it stung.
We made it to crater lake but the guide wouldn't let anyone go up to Dome summit, we only stayed long enough to take some snaps and we headed back. All the same, I had a great time and I'm glad it wasn't cancelled. It's just a shame I can't clam Mt Ruapehu as being Bagged. Never mind, I'm defiantly going to do it again. I'll see if I can post some pic's.  
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