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Is this really one of the top 4 most difficult climbs in the North Island? Growing up in Thames, have done this several times. Not too bad, certainly easily doable in a day and I know primary school classes go up there pretty regularly

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Yeah, it really depends on your scale of medium/hard etc.  You're right though, the vast majority of this walk is Medium (or Easy actually).  The 'Hard' was added to indicate the very last portion of the walk required a little scrambling and climbing etc - though that is still not hard for many people, there's nothing worse to read about a walk marked as 'easy' and then discover the last part to the summit is beyond your abilities for whatever reason.

But, sure, on a mountaineering or bush crashing scale, then the Pinnacles is definitely not a 'hard'.

Just changed the listing to 'medium'.  By the way, when you sort by 'difficulty' it sorts alphabetically, so there is a whole bunch of 'hards' further down the list.
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yeah its still a reasonable slog and distance wise it does cover quite a bit of ground.  Although I get up to the summit quicker and quicker every time i do it (4x now?) i still note every time that it is a good serious day out.  Scramble at the top is ok in the dry but a bit slippery in the wet