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Hunua traverse
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Well, with a couple of Auckland peaks still needing to be bagged, Vinodrinker suggesting doing a Hunua traverse and ticking off both Kohukohunui and Mangatangi on the way. An excellent idea! At 35km with a total ascent of 1650m (lots of ups and downs), he'd done it previously in a time of 12 hours. He was hoping that this time between the two of us, we'd get it down to around 10 hours.

After waving goodbye to Claire Bear and Ash Bash (sorry guys, maybe next time - I could see you were itching to come too!) we set off just after 7am from the northern end at Moumoukai Hill Rd carpark and had this 1st peak bagged 2 hours later. Off to a good start! Views are quite good from here if you climb the trig - there's a handy little foothole that's been cut away from the side of the trig especially.
Fortunately I had my local guide with me, so I didn't need to get the map out at any point. There is quite a maze of tracks around here and it's easy to take the wrong one if you don't take a map.

The much anticipated mud didn't disappoint, but it was pretty easily avoided and neither of us fell on our butts once (which is surprising!). Vino was obviously reliving a few demons from previous hellish trips on the long slog up to Pukapuka, but all was made up for with the "stunning" views at the summit which was reached at 12:40. I would like to suggest this mighty peak as a potential candidate for official peak bagging status. Sure there may not be a trig, but there's a bit of tape with it's name on it around a tree, which is far better. And the views are indescribable (maybe because I couldn't quite see any?). Gee thanks Vino, yes this peak will certainly stick in my memory much longer than the others just as you promised!  :D

We refilled our waterbottles at a convenient hut hidden just around the corner after crossing the road before the final push up to Mangatangi. Yep, it certainly earns it's nickname of the northern puffer. Mangatangi bagged at 1:50pm. With the smell of a potential sub 8 hour trip realised at this point, Vino had a sudden lease of motivation and took off at full speed, leaving me scrambling to keep up with him down the Vinings track. Mel and the girls were waiting for us at the end with a couple of well earnt cold beers (thankyou!!).

Never mind the hoped for 10 hours, this was completed in a total time of 7 hours 52 minutes.
An aesthetically pleasing and satisfying way of doing these two (three?) peaks. Many thanks Vinodrinker for the idea, the logistics and of course the company. And thanks Mel and the girls for the wonderful support.

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Re: Hunua traverse
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The issue I have with pukapuka is its position which leads it to be attacked usually in the middle of the day. Wet, hot, steamy, tropical and a slog.  Also of course there is the fact that every vine insists on wrapping itself around my ankles! The views however make it all worth while  ???

route map below for anyone that wants a lash at the 'record'

I didn't take my camera as albums full of the scenic delights of this area already.  My pictures from the previous trip here.,159.0.html

Guano is a machine, and aside from the odd burst of over enthusiasm I displayed it was a case of a moments inattention often translating into a 20metre gap which only determined trail running made back.  Honestly sometimes I thought he was a ghost. There one minute then bang he has vanished.  I would run thinking "surely I shoulda caught him by now".  Sad but true, Guano can walk about as fast as I trail run!!  i knew it would be a great day of 'training' for me, I wasn't disappointed.  I can't ever remember waiting for him to catch up!!

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Re: Hunua traverse
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Hee hee, let's just call this secret training for your next alpine trip  ;D
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