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From Cameron Carpark
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I drove in from Taihape side along the Gentle Annie road. This doesn't look too far from being sealed right through now and is already quite a good road, and an enjoyable drive
I started from Cameron carpark (the nearer southern entrance if coming from that direction). A good track, but almost unrelentingly STEEP. Looking at the topo, it is a longer walk, so you would think the slope is easier. However there's another 220m ascent to be tackled going this way. The views however are fantastic and well worth the extra.
It only took me an hour up, so I dropped my pack and went down to the Lakes Rd carpark to compare routes. Took me just over half an hour of very brisk walking up this way. Shorter and easier, but not nearly so enjoyable. If you've got the time, the southern track is much more rewarding. Spectacular scenery all the way up - a real south island majesty to it all. Just be prepared for a steep grovel up and perhaps a few falls on your backside coming down (yes, twice for me). Track condition is good and firm, but a bit slippy in places due to angle and loose stones which makes it kind of fun  ;D
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Has Nike called you re sponsorship yet?  You take "just do it" to a whole new level.

Id put money on you knocking the full north island list off first  ;D

Cool pix btw