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Next time I'll bring my bike
« on: November 10, 2009, 06:42:28 AM »
Was going to head up the recommended route, but as I was driving past I thought I'd be sneaky and try the road end. Drove up Mountain Rd to find the gate locked - no surprises there. Followed the rest of the way on foot. Nice views out over the lake on the way. Shortly after hitting the bushline, I thought I'd try a shortcut through the bush - was only 220m away afterall! Clambered up from the road at a pink marker in the tree. If you can get up this bank, you should be OK the rest of the way ;D  Followed the markers until I started going downhill, so then turned right (back uphill) and after a brief battle with the supplejack broke out onto the summit. What an amazing view - yeah right! Oh well, at least I got a view walking up the road. About 30mins brisk walk up from car.
Decided to take the easy option and follow road down from the top - not actually any longer I don't think!
If you're after a quick bag, I'd recommend this way up with a bike. A nice consistant angle all the way up on good sealed road all the way to the summit. Took me about 20mins walking down, but coming down on a bike would be very fast and fun!
The first of 4 peaks bagged today.
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