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Te Toiokawharu ex Lower Huia dam via Twin Peaks Track
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I don't know what it is with Auckland peaks.  Go to the waikato and most have lovely lookout towers.  Both the tallest points in the Hunua Ranges and Waitakere Ranges have nothing.  I guess the councils are too busy planning burn out pads and skate board ramps.

Anyway these peaks have to be done.

We took a slightly different route to that on the main page.  We left from the lower huia dam entrance (drive through huia and turn right at the end of the one way bridge) hitting the twin peaks track (entrance to the left just after the gate) up to Tom thumb Kauri where we join the perscribed route. The tree is a great sight in the fog and mist.

Then a slog up to Twin peaks 461m asl (last picture shows the twin peaks on the horizon from a shot taken from south manukau heads lighthouse)with the odd view on the way over the manukau harbour.  The track then rises and drops a few times as the track gets steadily worse.  Last day of May and it was very very wet with many sections just huge pools of water and mud which you need to leave the track to avoid.  It was slow progress at times which made the trip from Twin peaks to the summit Te Toiokawharu longer than i had thought.  The summit 474m (or 459m asl depending on whether you believe the sign or the topo map) is a muddy slog for another 13 m of elevation. It  is simply marked by a sign.  There are no views at all. At least it didnt rain, that would have made this track a real challenge and really close to impossible mentally i think!!

All up 4 hours 45 minutes, though obviously this peak could be bagged in under 4 hours over the dry summer months.

The track is riddled in hook weed so gaitors a life saver in summer and even recomended other times for hairy legged beings.
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