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Mt Karioi and Te Toto Gorge
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A real calorie burner this. Two approaches are available to the summit of Karioi but we chose the hardest side from the coast which is the most interesting.  Park at the carpark at Te Toto Gorge lookout, cross the road to the start of the track.  It is an interesting climb to the first lookout up to the bushline and then up a ridge with a few rocky outcrops to negotiate including a ladder and the odd rock face to pick through.  The famous chains section (prob about 25 metres) was very wet but good fun and my 9yo daughter ripped up it a great pace so its nothing to be scared of. There are a few steep wet sections before the first lookout.

You then continue across to the summit along an undulating ridge with ups and downs, a few rocky outcrops to the summit (752m asl) which has a tall mast.

The return trip took us 5 hours though we extended this to 6 hours by mercilessly passing our car and dropping down to sea level through the te toto gorge before a steep climb back to the car. We only saw one other hiker the whole day, a very lonesome track

This is quite a tough hike overall though the initial sections are the hardest. Was knackered at the end of the day. It takes it out of you.  The reward for Ashley was a big icecream and fish from the fish and chip shop at te kowhai which went down a treat.

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If you've done Karioi, and you want to try another trip in the area, you can go down to the coastline from the Te Toto Gorge carpark.  Its been a few years, but I did it on a geology field trip.  From memory the track down to the coast was a bit overgrown and there was quite a bit of grass to trek through (bad for grass allergies if you get them!)  but you are rewarded by reaching a pretty coastline, which is quiet and secluded.  Nice for a quiet picnic :)

Plus if you like geology, there's some pretty cool basaltic volcanic rocks with huge phenocrysts in them.  Awesome ;)

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One pic is me eating CHOCOLATE because i got to the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!