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My favorite training:
Kayak from Takapuna to McKenzie bay at the Lighthouse, run to the summit, and return.

At last count my 44th summit of Rangitoto. That is counting the 2009 "The DUAL" marathon which did not quite make it to the summit, but to the crater rim.

CAUTION: Kayaking to rangitoto is not to be taken lightly. there is shipping traffic, morons in powerboats that treat kayaks as "judderbars" (probably the same ones that murder cyclists on the road), weather (had a trip with 15 know headwind there AND back)
CAUTION running here can be dangerous. Raw vulcanic rock wreaks havoc on human skin.
- From the beach, road to the shoulder, Eastern boardwalk, up to the roof of the summit bunker - 23:42 (PB)
- From the summit down the Zig-Zag back to the beach - 17:00