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Pinnacles Track
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This was amongst my first few hikes too...  I was surprised at how good the track was when I did the walk (apart from the top which was a bit eroded in 2001, but is fixed now).  There's a bit of a steep section up the packhorse steps and up to the Pinnacles themselves, but alot of the walk comprises a relatively easy climb.

Once at the top, you used to be able to crawl out to the very edge of the Pinnacles but that's not possible now. The edge has been blocked off to stop people falling down the steep drop (entirely possible especially if its windy!).  There's still a great and safe lookout from the platform up there.

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haha "entirely blocked off" depends on your desire. its pretty easy to get to the other side or slip through the railings at the lookout and go for a looksie. gotta have your wits about you though

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Of course, as responsible webmasters, we would never condone doing such a thing!  :)

It is interesting though... we actually preferred the Pinnacles walk before all the steps were built up between the hut and the summit.  Of course it has been done for safety and to protect the environment, and probably to cater for the large numbers of people walking it.   It's funny how something that actually makes the walking easier can somehow detract from it.  (Though I bet I wasn't thinking that last time I was actually there - I was probably just relieved to see them by that stage!)

But on the other hand, if it gets more people out there and enjoying the thrill of getting to the top, then I'm all for it.  It's still a great walk and challenging enough as it is now.

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wow, sounds liek a lot of cosy changes since I last did it. The muddy track to the top used to be half the fun! ... escpecially in winter

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Actually had a similar experience with the Tongariro crossing nice board walk, red carpet the works, can understand the need for the boardwalk when we went over approximately 500 followed us that day alone. To be honest it was refreshing to see that DOC have taken such steps to ensure that the enviroment in which we walk is preserved. Not sure if DOC have stats on park use but The Pinnacles has to be fairly heavily used ..

Funniest thing happened on our return journey we met this middle aged couple, whose first comment was how thy hated the well formed steps and board walk and that they don't have such things in the UK, I found this somewhat amusing and only wish I had my wits about me to mention the train going up Mt Snowdon.
Those of you wishing to peruse this amazing 'feature' of mountain climbing  ;D
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