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Surf to summit - up the western side of 'Naki
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Surf to summit- the idea was to start at the coast, and keep going until we summited ‘Naki. Now this would be a true 2518m summit - actually starting at sea level!

Two of us set off from the beach just west of Rahotu with our feet in the water at 4:00am late December '07. We followed the road for a long 17km, with ‘Naki taunting us ahead the whole way and never seeming to get much closer. After 3 1/2 hours of road bashing it was a very pleasant change to hit the bush. The track up the western side was wonderful and we stopped off for lunch at Kahui hut. After this we followed a few initial marker poles up through the treeline and then we were left to find our own way from there up through the springy moss. All was going well until we hit scoria Hell, just as it was beginning to get steep. These have got to be some of the most annoying rocks I’ve ever encountered - made all the more miserable by the clag that now rolled in. After 500 vertical metres of this torture, I spotted the santuary of a ribbon of white stuff beckoning over a ridge - thank goodness!

From then on it was pure pleasure all the way with the rain holding off until the summit. We continued on down the northern side, finishing at North Egmont carpark 34km and 13.5 hours after we first set off from the sea.

The western side of ‘Naki is fantastic, and much overlooked. Recommended for those of you looking for a bit of adventure. Maybe start from the road end though!
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