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Hirakimata / Mt Hobson
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After running the Great Barrier Island Wharf 2 Wharf 41km on saturday 10th October 2009, I had just enough time on sunday 11th to rent a car, make my way up to the summit and back for the ferry home.

From Aotea Road, the first km of the track is absolutely stunning. Then it meanders over some ridges of regenerating forest with good views, until the final 200 M or so ascent where it becomes a staircase right up to the top mostly under forest canopy. The staircase makes it fairly easy, it must have been challenging before that was there. Views on the summit are very good, there is just some growth obstructing views to the north. The track however gives good vieuws everywhere anyway.

Pushing it a bit, being a trailrunner, it took me 46 minutes from the road to the summit, 20 minutes looking around on the summit, and 48 minutes getting back, taking some pictures here and there. I imagine at a gentle pace it should take about twice that time. Total Ascent for return trip ca. 600 M.
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Re: Hirakimata / Mt Hobson
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Hi and welcome

I considered doing that wharf to whard thing but gave away the idea based on cost of getting the whole crew over, entered, accomodated etc...just became too much. entered 'greatest little fun run' instead in waitakeres in nov

Wondering if it would be possible to wharf to summit and return in a day jog/ fast hike, first ferry in, last ferry out?

Havent even really looked at timetables. might be a summer trip