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Pureora and Titiraupenga
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A very gentle stroll up to Pureora trig from the western side carpark which took me 35 minutes, and then continued eastwards to Titiraupenga. Be warned - if you are going to do this, take the Link track off to the left, NOT the Bog Hut one that heads off in seemingly the right direction! I realised my mistake after almost reaching the bottom of Pureora and then had to walk back up to the summit before descending the correct track (doh!!). Oh well, I guess I needed the extra exercise.
The Link track down to Link Rd is pretty good, with lots of boardwalk. From Link Rd, the track continues on to Titiraupenga, but there is quite a bit of windfall in places. You take in the centre of the north island on the way before going up gently again to almost the summit of Titiraupenga. To get to the very summit itself, it is a very short, but very steep (near vertical) rock scramble hauling off trees to get there. Not for the faint hearted, but should be fine for most people if you take care. Fantastic small flat sheltered sunny spot to lie down and have lunch.
I then returned from whence I came. A total of 31km round trip done in 8.5 hours (including my little side excusion "exploring alternative destinations...")
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