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Trip report for the Dome
« on: May 28, 2008, 04:23:31 PM »
I was born and bred in Warkworth. For 14 or 15 years the view from my bedroom, across the town, and in the distance was the Dome. (We always referred to it as the Dome.)

So - I have been up here so many times I couldn't bear to count! School trips, church trips, youth group trips, and just for fun.

General comments:
- you will hear traffic noise from state highway one on points in the track
- the view from the trig was not a clear outlook, however there were some vantage points along the way.(generally not the flashest walk for the view)
-  it's worth it, if you have time to walk, to go beyond the summit to the Kauri grove (something I haven't done since I was very very young and only remember doing once)

Racking my brains to remember when I last did it, so maybe time to do it again next summer when I am home. When I last did it, the track seemed like it had been upgraded since when I was a kid, so it's fair to say it's well maintained :)

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