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If you want a good hard workout go in at the end of grey road up the Mahaukura track to Pirongia and back down the Tirohanga track. Its posted as an 11 hour walk but you can do it in a long day however that would mean missing out on a night in Pahautea hut. Theres something about that place. You could do a quick day up the Tahaunui track. A quick easy climb with some views at the top out towards raglan.
If you are into SAS type training I can recommend the bell track on a really wet day. A 3 to 4 hour warm up to start and then a 3 to 4 hour climb and mud wallow up to your waste onto the cone and then to pahautea hut. Ive done it but not willingly again.

I took advantage of forecast that was promising the first dry weekend since May to try Pirongia on saturday.  Had some drizzle, but thankfully mainly dry though hazy and not a photo taking day. 

Nevertheless did the route up the Mahuakura track, 3hr 20 to the top lookout.  Considering all the rain we've had it was drier than I was anticipating.  I went the same way back.  Nice to have some views above the trees at times - I do miss the more open views that you get in the UK.  I think the chained sections were overkill, though might have been useful if the rock was wet and slippery I guess.  I did think of continuing to the hut, but decided to leave that to another time and stop the night there.