Author Topic: Mangatangi Trig Ex Upper Mangatawhiri Dam  (Read 1260 times)

Mangatangi Trig Ex Upper Mangatawhiri Dam
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Starting at the Dam carpark, this may not be the shortest route but it definitely is the easiest and fastest to the summit.  You can knock it off in 2.5 hours return with some fast walking up Mangatangi Hill Road (4wd track) which starts off flat as a pancake before rising steeply up the hill. Just after the turn off to the Pukapuka track (left) a road heads off to the right and then climbs very very steeply for a short while up to Mangatangi peak 487m asl.

This is the 4th time ive climbed this hill but only the second time that it didnt involve it being part of a 12 hour + day hike. So on this occassion it was childs play!!
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