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Rangitoto Island
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Tues 26 May 2009
Track dry and a little rocky in some places, awsum easy walking, after a day of pouring rain on Monday, we were lucky to have great weather, nice cool breeze, and most rain!!!
We started from the wharf and headed over to McKenzie Bay which only took us 1.5 hrs, we stoped there for some morning tea before heading up to the summit where we took the steps rather than the road as they provided a great view over the gulf, it only took us a hour to reach the summit, after soaking in the views we headed down to the lava caves where we were let down by our torch, then back onto the wharf, all up the trip took us 5 hours over 11.7km, its a shame the ferry dosent arrive a little later as there were still a few things we wanted to see, but oh well, just a good excuse for another trip!