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A great day walk
« on: May 25, 2009, 06:22:24 AM »
This is one of the classic Wellington day walks.  Right length (5-6 hours of walking), about an hour's drive from the CBD, a circuit, and a 1,000m+ peak with views to Kapiti island in one direction and the main Tararuas (Mt Hector et al) in the other.

The first time I did this we didn't realise you could get in from the Ngatiawa entrance, and we parked on Mangaone South Road.  This entails a significantly longer walk, including through some barely marked and overgrown route - easy to get lost (we lost the track for 20 minutes or so).  Better by far is to park on Ngatiawa; I've done that since and it's close to the perfect daywalk. 

Could also be done as a leisurely two day tramp, stopping at the pleasant Kapakapanui Hut - a good first tramp for newbies.

There's often a lot of mud on this track near the top of the mountain, but from Ngatiawa it is all well marked with plenty of orange triangles.

I haven't taken a dog here but lots of people do; just be aware that it starts by crossing private property and you must keep the dog on a lead until you are in the park proper, or the Ngatiawa entrance may be cut off altogether (for dogs, if not for people).