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Mitre at Easter
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Pleasant climb of Mitre over the Easter break.  Starting from the Pines, we camped at Mitre Flats hut (leisurely half day walk in), climbed up and over Mitre, Brockett and Girdlestone to stay in Tarn Ridge Hut, and returned the same way.  Windy and murky on the Saturday when we climbed Mitre from the south; much more pleasant, with blue skies and views in all directions on Sunday on the way out.

The descent from Mitre towards Brockett (which forms part of the Tararua Northern Crossing) is quite steep; and the route from Girdlestone down to Tarn Ridge Hut is also steep and has a few exposed scrambles.  Enough to make us relieved we hadn't brought the dog and that it wasn't really pelting down with rain, and could be an issue for people with a fear of heights, but all pretty standard for the backblocks of the Tararuas up on the ridges.

The photos below are of Mitre from Peggy's Peak (the normal way up); the summit; and Mitre from Brockett (the other, steeper side - you don't need to climb from this angle if you are just coming from the road and back again).

The weather in April was just enough to start taking seriously.  There had been a lot of snow a few days before we got up there (one party a day ahead of us turned back because it was too deep).  On our first day on Mitre itself the murk was quite serious, difficult to see, and moderate wind (not enough to worry about by Tararua standards, but wouldn't want it much worse).   But the second day was beautiful, hardly any wind, gorgeous blue skies.

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Hi Peter

Great pix, thanks

Question. How possible would this be to in and out to the summit in one long day hike?  It appears to me to be similar sort of distance/ vertical climb (or even a little less) as mt hikurangi which we managed in a day trip (10.5 hours).  Given though track conditions for half of hikurangi was pretty simple

If you think of a summer day giving at least 14 hours light, what do you think?? How realistic are the guide times on the main page (ive found i can never trust guide times)
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We saw several people doing it in a day even in the autumn, so it would certainly be possible in summer.  I'd look for as early a start as possible though, and come prepared to walk out in the dark if necessary.  My guess is that 9-12 hours would be the ballpark time, with a daypack.

The guide times were a bit fast for us, but we were carrying four-day-packs.

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thanks for that.  ive done several very long day hikes. carrying big packs and sleeping cold takes the gloss off it for me until i collect suitabel gear, so planning day trips only at this stage  ;D