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Holdsworth in early spring
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I did this as part of the standard Holdsworth-Jumbo circuit in September 2008.  2008 was a bumper snow year and there was still a lot on the ground.  The Saturday was murky and windy but bearable; I also did a side-trip to Isobel from Holdsworth before camping on the ridge between Holdsworth and Jumbo.  It was frigging freezing that night and on Sunday morning until the sun really got going.

If you do this walk other than in perfect conditions you need to be experienced and well-equipped.  Sometimes the wind makes it impossible - I've turned back from below the summit of Holdsworth when some of the party couldn't move even forward even on all fours.  But in good weather it's a real classic bit of the Tararuas.

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If I had one day to do a Tararua Peak from Wairarapa side what would you advise?? Holdsworth or Mitre? (or some other).

Love to hear your opinion.  Planning to in December

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Either would be doable.  Holdsworth would still be a serious day walk, but is more travelled (less remote) and several hours shorter than Mitre.  Mitre is more spectacular and remote-mountain-feeling if you are up for the harder hike.

My cautious side would suggest Holdsworth first to get a feel of Tararua conditions; but if you're experienced, strong and well-equipped then go for Mitre.

Both are undoable in bad conditions - I've turned back from below the Holdsworth summit in blue skies but winds blowing the smaller members of my part off their feet.


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"Several Hours shorter"???

What would be your expected times for each walk given reasonably fit and reasonably experienced people. (Did Hikurangi in 10.5 Hours )

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OK, sorry for the vagueness before.  I can't take too much responsibility for the estimates below, but they may give you an idea:

Estimate 1 (this is what I think would be a moderate fastish time, but achievable by fit people, don't have to be adventure racers!):
Holdsworth with a day pack - 8 hours.  Add an hour if you're coming back via East Holdsworth rather than straight back down past Powell Hut the way you came up
Mitre with a day pack - 10-11 hours.

Estimate 2 (this is based on getting my map software to project a 10.5 hour day for Hikurangi and then applying the same speed and ascent settings to Holdsworth and Mitre):
Holdsworth - 9.5 hours
Mitre - 13 hours

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Brilliant, thanks.  That gives a great idea of the relativities between the two. Looks like both very possible if earely, equipped and reasonably fit. It may be the company I keep that determines whether I push for Mitre or take a bit of pressure off and do Holdsworth ;D

Thanks for that, appreciated very much