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Mt Hector in the autumn
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A pleasant weekend walk to Mt Hector in mid Autumn (2-3 May 2009).  Track in good condition, not even much mud, and all the treefall cleared out of the way.  DOC are doing some trackwork near the bottom, but it's not an issue.

An easy short afternoon stroll up to Field Hut on the Saturday.  A nice fire in the stove, but it's such a huge hut (lots of bunks, plenty of kitchen space) and badly ventilated (a lovely old hut with lots of history and character, but a few gaps for air to get in and out) that it didn't heat up much.  Temperature went down to about 5 degrees in the hut.

An 8am start on Sunday with lightish packs, up past Kime Hut to the top of Hector.  We'd expected at least some snow on the ground, but if there was it had all gone.  A fair bit of rime ice on the tussocks and snow poles, and spectacular rime ice on the memorial cross (see photo).  A bit chilly with mild wind and a fair bit of moisture in the air, and no visibility at all, so down again as quickly as we could.
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