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Silver Peaks
« on: April 27, 2009, 08:11:15 AM »
These deserve to be listed, and can be climbed easily from Dunedin in a day - I did it.
Part of Silverpeaks Scenic Reserve, slightly nth of the city. Rugged looking, but 4WD track along main range makes them very accessible to the average scarfie.
Trig sth at top, with good views.

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Hey Ledge

Do you mean Swampy Summit? Or Pulpit Rock?

Swampy Summit is the one visible from Dunedin but is quite close to another peak Flagstaff as well as now Mt Cargill, the other two are listed I think.

Pulpit Rock is genuinely in the Silver Peaks, (just keep on going North from Swampy for a couple of hours) has a defined "rocky" summit a view of the rest of the range as well as the top of Silverstream and out to Waitati, I think it would be a good addition. Especially considering the classic nature of the Silverpeaks for a generation of Dunedin trampers. My mates and I took our first stumbling footsteps into the hills in this rugged little area.

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No, I mean Silver Peaks. Further on from Pulpit Rock (which wld be dangerous to attempt). And immediately prior to Devils Staircase route to new Jubilee Hut.