Author Topic: Trip Report - Belmont Trig, 6 Dec 2008  (Read 1417 times)

Trip Report - Belmont Trig, 6 Dec 2008
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Because we live in Wellington, we have been up Belmont a few times.  On this trip we parked near the end of Stratton Street and walked up from there.  The walk is constantly uphill, but because it's a short walk, it is relatively easy.  The path is gravelly, most of the way and pretty wide.

When we got to the trig at the top we checked out the views of Wellington and the harbour, had something to eat, then paused and lay on the grass for half an hour taking in the sunshine.  A few mountain bikers and a couple of other walkers made it to the top while we were there.

After a relaxing half hour, it was back down to the car in Stratton Street.