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Te Atuaoparapara
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Has anyone bagged this one?  I'd be interested in hearing how it went.

I attempted it with my brother in early March 2009, but we didn't manage the peak.

We went in from the North Block Road carpark up the Waipawa River to Waipawa Forks Hut (1 hr).  It was easy going up the river as the level was low, and the only obstacles were some slippery rocks, and a bit of  scree sliding underfoot.  Finding the hut is a bit of a mission in observation - look for an orange triangular marker on the true right of the river just before the major fork in the river - right at the start of the area where the river banks widen to approx 30m across so the river is flowing through a broad, relatively flat, shingly area.  If you see an orange marker on the true left of the river, you've gone too far - this is the track across to Sunrise Track and is about 300m upstream of the short track to the hut.

Te Atuaoparapara from Waipawa Forks Hut

From Waipawa Forks Hut, we were to attempt Te Atuaoparapara via Waipawa Saddle on day 2.  The weather was a little ominous all day, with the wind rising to gale force and the mountain constantly being covered in cloud which would then blow off and come back within half an hour.  The river route was easy, just like day 1, but the track up to the saddle from the river (on the true left of the river, marked by an obvious orange triangle on a tree, but that tree is subsiding so may not be there next time!) is not so easy - quite steep in parts, and pretty slippery.  Probably no trouble for all you experienced peak baggers though.

Our navigation experience in white out conditions isn't great, so we decided when we were at 1286m elevation (the saddle is 1325m) that we wouldn't make the summit and would take the alternative route from Waipawa Forks across to Sunrise Track.  It took us 3 hours to get to the point we did near the saddle.

Waipawa River Valley from near Waipawa Saddle

The track across to Sunrise Track was a steep but easy 45 minutes, and up to Sunrise Hut from there a steep but very very easy 1 hour 10 minutes.  What a view from the top!  Well worth a night at that hut with views east over Waipukurau out to the coast.

Third day dawned with a brooding sunrise and we tramped out in 2 hours via Sunrise Track and the Swamp Track past Triple X hut to North Block Road.

Sunrise from Sunrise Hut

My question - how hard is the summit ascent?  How precarious is it up there?  The topo map looks pretty dodgy with bluffs on either side, and the summit looks like it is all rock and scree, making it a pretty exposed place to be.  Anyone done it?

Re: Te Atuaoparapara
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Dunno, but it's on my "to do" list as it is on the vinodrinkers official top 10 highest NI summits roll of honour.  Ive spoken to a couple of people that have done it.  Yes, it is a peak to take care with. It is a peak to pick and choose the weather when attempting but to me this is no more so than many of the peaks on the offical list - taranaki, arete, hector.....  I don't think there is anything more difficult to face than many other peaks.  It is however fairly remote.  Haven't even really researched how long it would take

saw this baby from mangaweka. the eastern ruahines look interesting that's for sure