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The other way up Cannon Point...
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There is a third route that can be taken to climb/descend Cannon Point, which is longer but more scenic than the 'official' route detailed on this site, and that is what we did on the last occasion we went up there.

You still start in the Tulsa Park car park, but instead of heading straight up the hill, turn left out of the car park on the road (California Drive) and head along the footpath to Larchmont Grove, left there until almost at the end, then right into Wyoming Grove. Go along the short footpath between 2 houses at the end of the cul-de-sac and turn left along the grass that runs along the Hutt River behind the houses. Some way along follow another path straight ahead through bush/scrub that comes out at the end of Bridge Road.

At that point turn left onto the walking track that goes through the bush along a stream to the old Birchville Dam, which used to be part of the Upper Hutt water supply. Steps go up the left edge of the dam and you can see the small lake at the top. From there it is a long path up the hill and across the top, with an occasional view over northern parts of Upper Hutt until finally reaching the highest point at Cannon Point itself.

At this point you can take any of the alternative routes back down. On this occasion, after a well-deserved rest and refreshments at the top we took the short but steep zigzag path back down the hill to the car park at the bottom, rather than the longer but more gentle 4WD track. The route we took made it an 8.6 km walk and it took us 2 hrs 30, including rest and photograph stops en route.